Our tent accessories are the final touch needed to bring your vision into reality. Flooring, lighting, and heating/cooling will bring your next event from ho-hum to breathtaking.

Heating Equipment Rentals

Having a rental tent is a great way to protect from the elements like rain, snow, or too much sun. If the temperature is still not quite right, we’ve got tent accessories to keep your special event on track.  When the temperature dips we have tent heating options available for you to help keep your guests feeling cozy during your special event. If the outside temperatures are too high, cooling your rental tent will ensure your guests are comfortable.

Flooring Rentals

All of our tenting inventory can be accompanied by a number of different flooring options, from click-together plastic flooring to stronger options such as plywood. Talk to us today to talk about your options.

Lighting Rentals

Tent lighting is one of the simplest tent accessories to create an atmosphere in your rental tent. From basic lighting to our bistro string lights or color changing Battery LED’s, contact us to discuss the difference lighting can make in your tent rental.

Concrete Blocks

Essential for ballasting tents where traditional methods cannot be used, we here at Superior Tent Rentals have a huge inventory of concrete blocks ranging from 250 lb to 5000 lb in weight.

Fencing Rentals

Need to enclose or separate a space? We have over 2 kilometers of event fencing ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

Staging Rentals

Superior Tent Rentals has the equipment for all of your stage rental needs. Contact the team today to find out more. 

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