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Marquee tents are another member of our tent rental line up manufactured by our friends at Warner Shelter Systems Ltd.

A favorite tent for special events, fairs, trade shows, and foodservice use. With its ease of setup and lightweight frame, the original Peak Marquee (MQ) is user-friendly as well as attractive for party or event rentals.
Superior tent rentals marquee tents are available in a variety of sizes from 10’ × 10’ to 30’ × 30’. Marquee tent rentals have a centre pole supported by diagonal cross cables for an obstruction-free interior space. This makes them ideal for an intimate family gathering, customer appreciation event, or festival as there are no centre poles to interfere with your floor plan or decor. Marquee tent rentals can be used on their own or joined together with a tent gutter to create a larger space.

Our Frame & Marquee Tent Rentals  are Perfect for;

• Festival Tent rentals
• Patios
• Weddings
• Trade Shows
• Catering 
• BBQs
• Corporate Events
• Sporting Events

 “*prices subject to change”

Marquee Tent Installation

Stretch Tent Marquee Installation

Image - Marquee Tent Installation

Like all tents, marquee tent rentals need to be secured to the ground for safety. Before the installation of any marquee tent rentals, we require a copy of the line locate report for our staff’s safety to ensure that underground lines are not damaged by the stakes. When underground utility lines are present, or when staking is not an option, tents can be secured with cement blocks.

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High-quality Marquee & Frame Tent Rentals

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